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SC Magazine March 5, 2014
The most prevalent threat vector that drives mobile device users to malware are web ads, according to a recent study.
NBC News March 5, 2014
Pornography is no longer the leading source of malware on mobile devices, according to a new study. The non-honor now goes to Web-based ads, according to Blue Coat, a security firm that analyzed data from more than 75 million global users for a report it released Wednesday.
BBC News March 5, 2014
Research by security company Blue Coat suggests web adverts have overtaken pornography as the most common way for users to encounter a malware threat.
CSO February 25, 2014
Over the last 10 years investments made by Brazilian banks in cyber security have grown substantially. As has the data. Now, at least two camps are emerging in the debate about what data should be kept for various time intervals. Blue Coat’s Brian Contos, VP and Chief Information Security...
InformationWeek February 24, 2014
The last two years have seen a major shift in the security landscape. Authentication mechanisms known to be extremely secure have been compromised; passwords are no longer considered secure, and it is not rare to see state sponsored attacks. To understand the changing nature of the threat landscape...
USA Today February 22, 2014
Blue Coat talks security and the retail market in USA Today. Merchants are looking for new and improved payment technologies. Dr. Hugh Thompson, Blue Coat’s Chief Security Strategist, discusses why there is too much emphasis on trying to keep hackers out of systems when companies need to...
Wall Street Journal Live (video) February 19, 2014
Blue Coat’s Hugh Thompson describes just how easy it is to hack yourself.
Softpedia January 30, 2014
While analyzing suspicious websites, security researchers from Blue Coat came across a site called The domain name suggests something shady, but when it’s visited, the site displays just a message which reads “You don’t belong here.”
CRN January 29, 2014
CRN Names Blue Coat as one of the coolest cloud security companies of the 2014 Cloud 100
Softpedia January 4, 2014
Researchers from Blue Coat have analyzed an interesting .pw domain that appears to be part of a worldwide scam network.