Align resources with business priorities. Does your network know the difference between important web traffic like online meetings, and lower-priority traffic like games or streaming media? In a world that is increasingly more interactive, mobile, and content-driven, Blue Coat PacketShaper helps enterprises control bandwidth cost, deliver a superior user experience and align network resources with business priorities:

  • Reserve bandwidth for critical applications
  • Contain disruptive traffic and slow bandwidth increases
  • Embrace new trends such as BYOD, video, cloud & social media
  • Eliminate potential bandwidth increases

Higher Capacity for 10Gbps Networks:
New PacketShaper S500

The new PacketShaper S500 platform delivers that value – now for 10Gbps networks. This platform includes auto -discovery and classification of 900+ applications and tens of millions of websites. You’ll also benefit from a Cloud-connected classification engine with real-time update; real-time monitoring and reporting of application performance and bandwidth consumption, and application-level bandwidth policy with asymmetric shaping and dynamic partitioning.