SSL Visibility Appliance

Use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption is growing tremendously fast worldwide. Today’s enterprises typically see that 25% or more of their network traffic uses SSL encryption – and this amount is expected to grow more than 20% annually. Encryption protects data from being viewed in transit over the Internet—but it also creates a serious blind spot for threats, malware, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and other regulatory or compliance risks.

You need to address this dilemma and establish a comprehensive encrypted traffic management strategy, that addresses acceptable-use policies for inbound and outbound encrypted traffic, while considering an extensible architecture that will scale and protect the business while also adhering to compliance demands.

The Blue Coat SSL Visibility Appliance is an integral component to any encrypted management strategy, and offers complete visibility into encrypted traffic without requiring the re-architecting of the network infrastructure. The appliance lets you add SSL inspection capabilities to your network security architecture and close the security visibility loophole created by encrypted traffic.

It enables products like next-generation firewall (NGFW) and intrusion prevention systems (NGIPS) with complete visibility into both SSL and non-SSL network traffic—and increases their applications’ effectiveness and performance.

You get the following benefits with the SSL Visibility Appliance:

  • A powerful, purpose-built encrypted traffic management platform that offers more than 10 times the performance of competitors and scales to meet the most demanding enterprise needs. Non-SSL/TLS traffic flows through at high speed and low latency to minimize delay for business applications like VoIP.
  • An easy-to-use policy-enforcement point for controlling SSL/TLS traffic going in and out of the enterprise. These policies can be customized per organizational needs – for example, “do not encrypt all financial or banking traffic going out of the business” - and utilize Blue Coat’s market-leading Global Intelligence Network to exchange and update threat and malware knowledge in real-time across the globe.
  • An adaptable security solution that enhances DLP solutions with visibility into previously hidden communications to better expose data leaks and exfiltration. This helps the SSL Visibility Appliance support regulatory compliance by providing company-wide visibility into all networked traffic and data – encrypted and otherwise.

Blue Coat offers a full line of SSL Visibility Appliances that effectively meet the encrypted traffic management needs of today’s enterprises. All of these appliances offer the policy-based Host Categorization service as well as the “Decrypt Once Feed Many” functionality that provides tremendous benefit to organizations.

 & Function
  SV1800 SV2800 SV3800
Total Throughput 4 Gbps 20 Gbps 40 Gbps
SSL Inspection Throughput 1.5 Gbps 2 Gbps 4 Gbps
Cut-through Latency <40μs <40μs <40μs
Concurrent SSL Flow States 100,000 200,000 400,000
SSL Flow Setups/Teardowns 6,500 per second 9,500 per second 11,500 per second
SSL Session Log Entries 50,000,0000 50,000,0000 50,000,0000
Easy-to-Use Web-based Management Yes Yes Yes
Policy-based Categorization of SSL Traffic
(subscription-based license)
(subscription-based license)
(subscription-based license)