Resolution Center

Use Big Data to Recognize and Respond to Threats Intelligently.

The traffic flowing through your network contains a massive volume of information that can help you identify and react to security issues—and constantly improve your security processes. Now you can harness that data.

With the products, services, and technologies within Resolution Center, you get the intelligence you need to understand all of the traffic on your network—even encrypted SSL traffic—so you can make informed decisions. You can assess risk management tradeoffs, enforce compliance-related policies, and close the operations feedback loop by integrating retrospective analytics, problem resolution, and continuous learning into your security. Our customers are using Resolution Center technologies to:

Learn from breaches that do occur: Resolution Center gives you the forensic intelligence and APT analysis you need to reconstruct and understand exactly what happened and why, so you can proactively prevent similar breaches and improve your response to subsequent threats.

See and act upon SSL security risks: With Resolution Center you gain visibility into the rapidly-growing volumes of encrypted SSL traffic on your network—at extremely high performance—so you can identify risks, take action to protect your business, and feed the intelligence to your security infrastructure for continuous improvement.

Set and enforce compliance-related policies: There are certain types of traffic your business doesn’t want or need to analyze and log. Personal banking information or medical claims from employees, for example, should remain private and confidential—often for compliance reasons. Resolution Center provides scalable, user-defined reporting, so you can achieve your privacy and compliance objectives.