USA Today Interview on Search Engine Poisoning

June 21, 2012 - By Chris Larsen

Earlier this week, USA Today ran an article on the dangers of Search Engine Poisoning attacks, based in part on an interview I did with them a month or so ago:

There is also a short video clip with part of the interview, featuring Byron Acohido and Yours Truly.

(BTW, I was mortified to hear myself say that the TLD for China was ".zh" -- when I brain-cramped and used the two-letter code for the Chinese language instead of the ".cn" country-code. Yikes. I now have more sympathy for politicians who say something dumb when on-camera...)


In related news, Sophos had a fun blog post yesterday on fake "celebrity death" rumors:

How is it related? Well, as we reported in the part-7 wrap-up of our series on SEP attacks, the Bad Guys have moved most of their "big event" and "celebrity" attacks from search engines to Facebook and Twitter, where rumor-based campaigns can quickly and easily spread.

(Which was a point that didn't make it into the article or video, because there's only so much you can cover in a few minutes.)