Blue Coat Labs


One-Day Wonders: How Malware Hides Among the Internet’s Short-Lived Websites

Determine how ephemeral the web's host names really are. See how CDNs and blogging platforms play a part in malware’s undercover operations. Discover how to mitigate resultant threats.

2015 Mobile Malware Report

The broad acceptance of BYOD in the workplace has long produced anxiety that the mobile platform is the next great exploit opportunity for hackers. This report describes the latest trends and vulnerabilities in mobile malware, provides advice for strengthening corporate defenses and educating mobile device users, and offers predictions about the future of mobile threats.

WebPulse Technical Overview

The Blue Coat WebPulse™ is a cloud-based infrastructure specifically designed to harness the power of user-driven behavior and to translate user input into global web and web threat intelligence. It’s the most advanced technology of its kind.

WebPulse Collaborative Defense

This paper describes the cornerstone technology behind Blue Coat’s comprehensive approach to security intelligence gathering and sharing: the WebPulse Collaborative Defense System. Read how it performs real-time categorization and ratings of web URLs and content, based on the combined input of more than 75 million people worldwide interacting with more than 500 million web requests per day--and how these capabilities deliver a new level of insight.

Inception Framework: Cloud Hosted APT

Blue Coat has uncovered a previously-undocumented, highly automated, and extremely sophisticated framework for performing targeted attacks. This Inception Framework continues to evolve. Learn how researchers from Blue Coat Labs identified the cloud-based malware espionage operation and continue to track its evolution.

The Visibility Void: Attacks through HTTPS Can Be a Vulnerability for Enterprises

To identify hidden threats to the business, enterprises need complete visibility into encrypted traffic. However, to comply with local privacy regulations and their own acceptable use policies, enterprises must have the means to selectively decrypt this traffic. An encrypted traffic management strategy must consider various business needs, established corporate policies, and compliance mandates.