Removing LGBT Category in Blue Coat WebFilter

Removing LGBT Category in Blue Coat WebFilter

Blue Coat

Organizations around the world use our solutions for two primary reasons: To secure their users from malware and other malicious content and to apply Internet Access Policies based on their individual requirements, whether security, compliance or productivity related. 

Blue Coat filtering products categorize web content into 82 categories, including News/Media, Social Networking, Health, Gambling and Adult/Mature Content.  Using these categories, organizations can effectively manage and enforce their Internet Access Policy to control the type of Web content that is on their networks.  We respect the right of our customers to allow or restrict access according to their own determination, so WebFilter does not block any sites or categories by default upon shipment. 

As part of our standard product release cycle, we engage our customers to assess the efficacy of our Blue Coat WebFilter categories.  As the needs of our customers evolve, we add new categories, remove unnecessary categories and change category definitions.  Based in part on customer feedback, we have decided to remove the LGBT category from Blue Coat WebFilter. Content will cease to be rated in the LGBT category effective immediately, and the category will be removed from Blue Coat WebFilter in the next product release.

We will continue to review the efficacy of our Blue Coat WebFilter categories and the descriptions of content within those categories.  Customers with questions about managing their configurations can contact their Blue Coat sales rep or technical support for additional information.