What’s Your SSL Traffic Trying to Hide?

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What’s Your SSL Traffic Trying to Hide?

Tim Chiu

Blue Coat’s acquisition of Netronome SSL appliances makes it easier to see and act on security risks you may have been missing.

You may have seen the news that Blue Coat has acquired Netronome’s SSL appliances. But you may have missed the deeper significance to you.

Now you can have visibility into all the encrypted SSL traffic on your network—at extremely high performance—so you can inspect it, identify potentially nefarious activities, and feed the intelligence to an ecosystem of security application vendors—all through Blue Coat.

This is an important capability for today’s networks. Web and SSL traffic can account for more than half of all traffic on the corporate network, driven by the adoption of cloud-based SaaS applications and the growing use of HTTPS for Web sites such as Google and Facebook.  Because SSL is fast becoming both ubiquitous and hazardous, a multi-dimensional approach to SSL security and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) is increasingly critical.

The uptick in adoption of SSL is primarily due to the fact that it makes people feel secure. And yes, encryption can help make communications more secure. But it can also be used to hide malicious activities. To effectively implement security protections before malicious traffic reaches the endpoint, it is important to have in-network visibility into encrypted traffic.

That’s where Netronome’s SSL appliances can help. They deliver SSL decryption in networks ranging from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps full duplex, giving you visibility into SSL traffic while it’s running across your network. Equally important, Netronome lets you take advantage of sophisticated analytics by providing inspection capabilities at scale. It provides up to four data feeds to a wide range of in-network security applications, such as intrusion prevention, intrusion detection, sandboxing and forensics, which can then analyze the data for threats or data breaches.

Once the Netronome SSL appliance technology is fully integrated with existing Blue Coat products, you’ll also be able to consistently apply policies to all traffic on the network.

The Netronome appliance technology is currently available through certified OEM partners, including Sourcefire and VSS Monitoring, and will be available through authorized Blue Coat channel partners shortly.