Adopting Office 365? Pay attention to security and performance.

Adopting Office 365? Pay attention to security and performance.

Deena Thomchick, Sr. Director, Cloud Security

Microsoft Office 365 is the #1 cloud-based solution on the planet because it has appeal on multiple levels. To executives, one of the leading reasons for adoption is the cost savings from lower licensing fees.

But hold on a second. In the rush to slash upfront capital outlays for software licensing, don’t neglect the back-end risks of the transition. Because the move to Microsoft Office 365 introduces new security and performance issues. And these could end up costing you far more than you just saved—if you’re not careful.

Our advice: get up to speed on exactly what’s required to keep your Office 365 deployment safe, compliant, and fast. Take a few moments to carefully consider a broad spectrum of issues, including:

  • Data governance and protection: Can you use your existing DLP solution? Can you use a CASB for this? What are your current risks? Are you generating monthly data risk reports?
  • Compliance and privacy: Do you know what regulated data in being placed in Office 365? Do you have automated policy controls to restrict regulated data from being shared in the cloud?
  • Securityprovisioning and threat detection: Do you have Single Sign On and multi-factor authentication in place for all cloud apps? Are you using the right access controls? Have you implemented DLP? Do you have effective email protection?
  • Performance: Have you identified the bandwidth and connections required per user? Where will that extra bandwidth come from? Can your existing security systems handle the increased bandwidth and connection requirements?

The list goes on. Fortunately, we’ve got a way for you to study up quickly. Read a copy of "Start Your Implementation Planning for Office 365", available free of charge right here. It’s chock-full of great information brought to you by Blue Coat and Symantec. Give it a read. Then go ahead and make your move to Office 365—with confidence and peace of mind.

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