Office 365 adoption: Don’t be blinded by lower licensing fees.

Office 365 adoption: Don’t be blinded by lower licensing fees.

Deena Thomchick, Sr. Director, Cloud Security

Of course you should make the transition to Microsoft Office 365. You’ll cut costs and increase user productivity—painlessly. In fact 78% of all enterprises are already using it or planning to use it, and you can be sure Microsoft’s development focus will remain on Office 365 for years to come. But… before you make your move… take the necessary steps to strengthen your defenses.

Lots of data will be stored in the Microsoft cloud, accessible by all kinds of users—outside the control of traditional IT. That means security, privacy, and data protection issues will multiply, not to mention the added bandwidth requirements. Just as important, data will be transmitted back and forth between the cloud and all kinds of endpoints—devices you may not have authorized or have control over. That means there will be new ways for malware and other threats to sneak past your defenses.

So take Gartner’s advice: start planning and budgeting for increased security right now. The best first step: read “Safely Adopting Office 365,” an executive guide produced by Blue Coat and Symantec. It gives you all the key considerations and concrete steps to take, including:

  • Defining who’s responsible for Office 365 security
  • >How to plan and budget for additional security services needed
  • >How to provision for excellent performance
  • Securing access to Office 365 accounts
  • >Spotting and mitigating suspicious activities
  • Monitoring and governing sensitive data in the cloud
  • Adding a CASB for extra visibility
  • Staying compliant in data protection

You can get a free copy of the report right here. It gives you a great overview of how to keep your enterprise protected as your make your move to Office 365. After all, chances are good that you’re heading that way anyway—why not make sure you arrive safely?

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