Applying Data Science to Cloud Security

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Applying Data Science to Cloud Security

Deena Thomchick - Senior Director, Cloud Security

How Data science is used for monitoring cloud activity, data governance, and user behavior analysis in a CASB

As cloud adoption accelerates, the discussion about cloud security centers around what can go wrong. There are plenty of dire warnings about the unauthorized use of cloud apps, employees mindlessly uploading malware-infested files, hackers uncovering and sharing confidential data,the list goes on.
Yes, there are plenty of valid security concerns when it comes to cloud adoption. And it’s important to understand and address them. But let’s not neglect the other side of the coin—because the cloud also provides new ways to solve age-old security problems.
The cloud gives you access to more computing power and more storage space—on demand. That’s important because it allows you to take advantage of a new weapon in fighting security vulnerabilities: data science.
With vast computing power at your disposal, you can implement a highly effective cloud security system that can identify critical security-related information, evaluate the contextual significance of that information, and crunch advanced algorithms to keep your cloud applications secure.
You can also harness machine learning—supervised or unsupervised—to get deep visibility into your network traffic, in real time, and build a rich foundation of knowledge that deepens your defenses against the latest exploits and attacks.
And you can analyze user behaviors and recognize other risky activities—so you can take action before sensitive data is compromised.
Data science can also be applied to governance, allowing you to keep track of which files contain sensitive data, which accounts have confidential or compliance-related content, who has access to that content, which users are associated with that content, and more.
Simply put, you can take control of cloud security by taking advantage of these new resources. Find out more by downloading the new report from Symantec and Blue Coat, “White Paper—“Fundamentally Better Cloud Security: Taking a Data Science Approach” on how data science is used for monitoring cloud activity, data governance, and user behavior analysis in a CASB. Just click the link below for your free copy.