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Integrity and Ethics

Blue Coat is committed to conducting its operations in accordance with high ethical standards. By doing the right thing and operating with integrity, we build and maintain credibility and trust with employees, customers, partners and stockholders.


The Blue Coat Code of Business Conduct promotes honest and ethical conduct among our employees and sets forth guidelines for expected behavior. All employees are required to be familiar with the Blue Coat Code of Business Conduct and are expected to complete training on ethical business conduct annually.


Substantially all of Blue Coat's products are sold through channel partners, which include distributors and indirect resellers that purchase our products from authorized distributors. Blue Coat believes that the value of its business is maximized when its channel partners act with integrity and adhere to high standards of legal and ethical conduct. The Ethics Policy for Partners sets forth the key principles that Blue Coat's channel partners are required to follow in connection with our business dealings, including the sale of Blue Coat products.

We exercise care in selecting and retaining channel partners that are authorized to sell Blue Coat products. Among other criteria, we evaluate whether new channel partners practice a commitment to compliance based upon their responses to a self-assessment questionnaire.  We require all of our channel partners to enter into contracts with us that reinforce their commitment to operating in full compliance with applicable law and to the key principles set forth in the Ethics Policy for Partners.  

We also develop and periodically deliver compliance overview presentations to our channel partners to increase their awareness about relevant compliance topics and reinforce our commitment to operating with high standards of legal and ethical conduct.

We monitor our channel partners’ compliance with our contracts and policies through a combination of self-assessment questionnaires, certifications, site visits and periodic audits.  We also use these tools with our channel partners to raise awareness, identify risks and share best practices for conducting business operations with integrity and a commitment to compliance.  From time to time, we also engage independent third parties to conduct in-depth audits of selected channel partners that are deemed to be higher risk based on the territories where they are authorized to sell our products, the end user industry verticals that purchase Blue Coat products from such partners, the volume of business transacted between us, and other criteria.  Where an audit reveals an instance of non-compliance, we request our channel partners to provide us with a corrective action plan that appropriately addresses the compliance failure or we reconsider our relationship with them.

Please use our Partner Locator to find out more information about our global network of channel partners.