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The Security Ledger October 20, 2016
In-brief: detecting anomalous behavior is a necessary part of incident response – but it’s also harder than it sounds, argues Alan Hall of BlueCoat Systems in this commentary.
eSecurity Planet October 14, 2016
Anomaly detection is growing in popularity as organizations get proactive about incident response. These practices help you get the most out of anomaly detection.
CSO Online October 11, 2016

Don’t let cloud apps and services make your IT team irrelevant

AFCEA Signal October 11, 2016
The recommendations are offered as the government observes Cyber Awareness Month.
Defense and intelligence agencies need more than security tools and solutions to guard against the increasing number of cyber threats. They must create a culture to ensure that the nation’s cyber borders are secure.
IT Briefcase October 3, 2016

Featured article by Deena Thomchick, Sr. Dir, Outbound Product Management, Blue Coat + Symantec

As you may know, Microsoft Office 365 is the number one cloud-based solution, due to its appeal on multiple levels to individuals and business users alike. In recent years, Microsoft has invested heavily in cloud computing, with its revenue from Office 365 jumping 54 percent over the...

CRN October 3, 2016

Keith Weatherford, Symantec

VP of Channels

Weatherford joined Symantec earlier this year as part of the company's blockbuster acquisition of Blue Coat Systems. Now, the long-time channel executive is the go-to man for solution providers, leading the channel efforts of one of the biggest security companies on the market.

IoT Innovator September 19, 2016
When employees walk into your office, they no longer just bring a briefcase. Today, employees walk in the door and connect to your network with smartphones, laptops, wearable devices and more. The unapproved applications downloaded on these devices are known as Shadow IT. Think back to any and every Star Trek episode– when was there ever something good lurking in the shadows?
CSO Online September 19, 2016

The technology is there for companies to inspect SSL traffic, but performance, management and privacy concerns combine to hinder its adoption.

CIO September 13, 2016

Most businesses try to avoid shadow IT, but there are ways to make it a positive for your company and your workers.

eSecurity Planet September 13, 2016
Mike Fey, president and COO of Symantec, talks about how he will bring the former Blue Coat and Symantec teams together.