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The Hill September 1, 2015
The proliferation of new Web addresses has created a free-for-all as cyber criminals race to spread malware or steal personal information with new sites, researchers say. 
CSO September 1, 2015
Wouldn't it be convenient if all the spam and malware sites were all grouped together under one top-level domain -- .evil, say -- so that they would be easy to avoid? According to a new study from Blue Coat,...
SC Magazine September 1, 2015
The gap between a breach and its detection allows bad guys plenty of opportunity to wreak havoc.
Reuters September 1, 2015
An explosion in the number of new Internet addresses has created a wealth of opportunities for criminals exploiting shady domains such as .zip, .kim or .party, according to an industry study published on Tuesday.
IT Briefcase August 31, 2015
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Executive Business August 26, 2015
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MSN Money August 19, 2015
While some may be worried that spouses will discover instances of infidelity, another concern is that the data will be used by scammers. Such a large list of email addresses will probably be seized upon by those launching phishing attacks, according to...
Dark Reading August 12, 2015
The attacker used the ad platform to deliver the Bedep click fraud bot so often that Blue Coat listed the company as a malicious source. 
TechTarget August 11, 2015
Fey said getting into the cloud security gateway space made perfect sense for Blue Coat, given the company's strong presence in web security gateway market. 
Network World August 7, 2015

As if hacked cars and massive Android vulnerabilities weren’t enough to keep the attention of security experts attending Black Hat 2015 in...