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Infosecurity Magazine May 17, 2016
While tax season in the United States is winding down, businesses and households across the UK are starting to prepare their tax returns.
The Register April 26, 2016
Blue Coat researcher Andrew Brandt says ancient Androids can be hijacked with persistent ads that force victims to buy US$200 worth of iTunes gift cards.
Dark Reading April 26, 2016
Blue Coat says it's the first Android ransomware that installs without user interaction.
SC Magazine April 26, 2016
A new malware type has been spotted in the wild that features a couple of original moves not seen yet by researchers; it is self installing and the cybercriminals require that the ransom be paid in iTunes gift cards.
InfoWorld April 25, 2016
The Web-based malware attack uses Towelroot and a Hacking Team exploit to compromise devices running old versions of Android
Computerworld April 25, 2016
Dogspectus is a ransomware that silently installs on Android devices, via malvertising and a Hacking Team exploit, then demands a ransom of $200 in iTunes gift cards.
Threatpost April 25, 2016
A menacing wave of ransomware that locks up Android devices and demands victims pay $200 in Apple iTunes gift card codes is raising concern among security researchers.
Ars Technica April 25, 2016
Hostile JavaScript delivered through ads installs ransomware on older Android phones.
CSO Online April 25, 2016
Towelroot exploit, used alongside a leaked Hacking Team exploit, delivers Ransomware to Androids via compromised advertising.
The VAR Guy April 21, 2016
Web security solution provider Blue Coat Systems debuted its Cloud Ready Partner Program earlier this month, which is expected to allow vendors and Security as a Service providers to “deeply integrate and certify their services and cloud applications” into the Blue Coat Security Platform.