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NerdWallet June 29, 2015
EMV cards are designed to cut down on counterfeit fraud and the use of lost and stolen cards, but they’re not a “cure-all,” says Hugh Thompson, chief technology officer at Blue Coat Systems, a Sunnyvale, California-based data security company.
International Finance Magazine June 15, 2015
Many firms also work with local institutes to train future cyber security leaders. “Blue Coat is actively working with local institutes and organisations to equip the next generation of cyber security leaders, both in government and private industry."
InfoRisk Today June 12, 2015
Infosecurity Magazine June 8, 2015
The phony tech support scam is an all-too-common danger of surfing around in cyberspace. 
The Telegraph May 19, 2015
Security firm Blue Coat Systems, which commissioned the research, said the research shows British workers still take cyber security risks even though they are aware of the consequences.
SC Magazine May 19, 2015
“We do live in a time when anyone can be deceived,” Thompson said. “Anyone can be phished, even the most paranoid.”
Dark Reading May 11, 2015
Janet Matsuda, senior vice president of marketing at Blue Coat, says in order to make the security industry more diverse, the key is to stop hiring to a narrow band of skills. "A lot of times we [the industry] hire to a skillset … a narrow band that naturally excludes women. We need to open the...
SC Magazine May 8, 2015
Researchers at Blue Coat analyzed a new threat, called “Rombertik,” and believe that it is being used as an “obfuscating wrapper” to hide other malware attacks.  
TechTarget April 29, 2015
As SSL traffic increases, so inevitably will the number of attacks using it to hide. A session at RSA Conference 2015 explained why hackers love SSL, and how enterprises can defend against them.  
NetworkWorld April 27, 2015
Visibility, data center security, two-factor authentication, and services were the stars of RSA 2015.