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TechTarget August 11, 2015
Fey said getting into the cloud security gateway space made perfect sense for Blue Coat, given the company's strong presence in web security gateway market. 
SC Magazine August 5, 2015
In this video, Michael Fey, president and COO of Blue Coat, shares his thoughts on defending, malware, and the overall future of security.
CRN July 31, 2015
Blue Coat acquired cloud security startup Perspecsys Thursday, a move the security vendor said would position partners to grab major share in the "massive" opportunity it sees around cloud access security brokerage.
SC Magazine July 31, 2015
Blue Coat Systems, Inc. has acquired Perspecsys in order to expand its cloud security offerings while improving its hybrid cloud portfolio, setting a new bar for data protection within cloud applications.
Digital News Asia July 30, 2015
IN 2012, cybersecurity company Blue Coat Systems Inc., embarked on an acquisition spree to expand its product portfolio into adjacent security markets. 
CBR July 29, 2015
Eyeing end-to-end security for customers' devices, the Alliance Ecosystem of Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) was today launched by Blue Coat.
Digital News Asia July 29, 2015
To become that ‘strongest security firm, there are three areas of focus that will be defining Blue Coat’s investment and research direction over the next few years, said Thompson 
Real Business July 27, 2015
What we do know is there are some defensive moves which we can all take to reduce access to sensitive personal data From Blue Coat’s own research, UK employees are still unaware of best practices regarding the protection of personal and work information online.
Softpedia July 3, 2015
Security engineer Chris Larsen from Blue Coat profiled one of these locations and looked for a non-existent song. As expected, several results popped up, all advertising a valid download location. Moreover, at the end of the result list, buttons were displayed for playing, streaming or downloading...