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Innovation for the Cloud Generation

Protect users and data across Any Device, Every Network and All Applications

Security has always been a challenge, but never more so than today.

Back in “simpler” times, employees had one device connecting via one network to one data centre running a small set of applications. Protecting the user and their data meant securing the infrastructure. Employees worked within the security “perimeter”.

That world has expanded dramatically – changing security needs forever. The surface area for security is constantly expanding across three key dimensions – devices, networks and applications.

Business and IT leaders are focused more than ever on agility and cost efficiency-embracing cloud services, mobile apps and the Internet of Things.

Welcome to the Cloud Generation.

Devices: Explosion of New Endpoints
We live in a new world with an array of connected devices. Desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, the Internet of Things: connected cars, industrial and home automation. Securing people and data through the endpoint is no longer realistic.

Networks: Evolving Traffic and Connectivity
Encrypted traffic via SSL now represents 50% to 70% of data flows – creating “blind spots”[link to appropriate ETM page/asset]  for traditional security products. Users connect to Wi-Fi and 4G daily and increasingly bypass fixed corporate networks, as 5G emerges, allowing large volumes of data to be accessed and extracted at blazing speeds.

Applications: Blending of Cloud and On-Site
Enterprises are now a dynamic mix of cloud and on-site applications, as they adopt Google Drive, Office 365,, Slack and other SaaS applications, along with cloud infrastructure services from Amazon Web Services and Azure. “Shadow IT” is prevalent and growing. What CIOs and CSOs need now is a new security model that blends cloud and on-site together to overcome the chaos.

A New Platform for Cloud Generation Security

It’s clearly no longer feasible to stitch together dozens of endpoint security products that protect individual devices, networks or applications. What’s needed is a unified, network-based platform with a flexible security architecture to manage security and governance for the Cloud Generation

The Blue Coat Security Platform is purpose-built for the Cloud Generation.

Any device – protect users and their data regardless of device
Blue Coat uses the network itself to overcome the failures of endpoint security to protect users and data. Our network-based gateway technology, delivered in the cloud or on-site, provides policy enforcement and deep payload  inspection for ANY device anywhere in the world.

Every network – protect users and data regardless of the network being used
Blue Coat’s Enterprise-class cloud service has over 40 points of presence across the globe, able to connect any access network,  in any region, across Internet, WIFI, 4G and 5G links. On-site appliance and virtual options deliver for the highest capacity data centres and flexible SDN architectures.

Whether it’s a mobile user, a connected car, an Internet connected site or a large data centre, we ensure complete visibility, policy enforcement and deep payload inspection that protects users and data, even when the data is encrypted.     

All applications – protect users and data regardless of application
Blue Coat is the leader in Web Security, delivering access control, advanced threat protection, network forensics and security analytics for the Enterprise.

We have now extended this to the Cloud by acquiring and integrating two of the leading Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB), Perspecys and Elastica, extending the reach of IT to protect users and data as they interact with cloud applications and services.

The Blue Coat Security Platform unites vast capabilities to help you regain control over your users and data, providing safe passage to the cloud. It protects on-site assets and next-generation endpoints. It helps advance your security architecture for complete visibility and protection too.

Blue Coat delivers advanced enterprise security that protects and serves 15,000 organisations every day, including over 70% of the Fortune Global 500.

Find out how you can join the Cloud Generation. Contact us today.