Advanced Threat Protection: Lifecycle Defense - Top 10 Questions to Consider When Evaluating Your Solution

It takes a unified, closed-loop, lifecycle defense against known and unknown threats to secure your business and enable users to leverage technology with total confidence. Explore Ongoing Operations, Incident Containment, and Incident Resolution of the Advanced Threat Protection Lifecycle Defense below and use the Top 10 Questions to evaluate your current strategy.

2014 Cyberthreat Defense Report

In war, knowing your enemy is imperative to establishing an effective defensive strategy. The same holds true for effective IT security, and several excellent industry reports help inform IT security professionals on this front. The annual Data Breach Investigations Report from Verizon, for example, sheds considerable light on the evolving nature of cyberthreats, the actors behind them, and the techniques being used to perpetrate successful attacks.

2015 Mobile Malware Report

The broad acceptance of BYOD in the workplace has long produced anxiety that the mobile platform is the next great exploit opportunity for hackers. This report describes the latest trends and vulnerabilities in mobile malware, provides advice for strengthening corporate defenses and educating mobile device users, and offers predictions about the future of mobile threats.

Finding Hidden Threats by Decrypting SSL

SSL encryption is crucial to protecting data in transit during web transactions, email communications and the use of mobile apps. Data encrypted with this common method can sometimes pass uninspected through almost all the components of your security framework, both inbound and outbound.

Advanced Threat Protection for Dummies

Fighting a losing battle against advanced threats? Exhausted your options with traditional, signature-based solutions? Just want to keep your organization out of the news?