This Economic Interest Group manages the IT of major French social protection players, who, in turn, manage the health insurance of six million people.

The French healthcare industry has faced increasing demand over the last few years. In order to meet these needs, major social protection players' (National Education (MGEN), student (LMDE) and civil service (MFP Services) health insurance funds have put their information systems under one management. Known as the Economic Interest Group (EIG) Chorégie, it manages the design, development and operation of the EIG members’ IT, as well as user support and advice.


Since Chorégie offers Internet access to users of these health insurance funds, and to its own teams, it must protect them to comply with:

  • The French legal and regulatory framework
  • Current IT security policies.


The Blue Coat security solution included ProxySG 900-20 secure gateway, ProxyAV antivirus, WebFilter and PacketShaper for the visibility part of the Internet line. This security architecture protects the whole of Chorégie’s datacenter, and over 13,000 people who work in the EIG health insurance companies, plus the 600 who work in-house. User feedback is very positive: “easy to handle” and “user-friendly” appear time and again. The quality of the support, managed by NTT Com Security, is also greatly appreciated. The main advantages emphasized by Chorégie are the availability and reliability of the Blue Coat solution. There have been almost no incidents since it was implemented, and NTT Com Security is so responsive that any incidents that do occur are quickly solved. Other advantages that were decisive in the choice of Blue Coat were traceability, which is a regulatory requirement, and exact category management.


  • Compliance
  • Traceability
  • Category management