Global Technology and Material Manufacturer

Protects employees, company assets, regulatory compliance and more, with Hybrid Cloud Solution. A leading global technology and specialty materials manufacturer, based in North America, needed to protect their 7,000 employees when they went online. They were looking for an accurate, reliable way to block inappropriate content and keep their company assets safe from malware.


The manufacturer’s existing security slowed web access, resulting in end-user complaints that were overwhelming their already taxed IT team.  In addition, they were wasting valuable time and resources investigating false negatives, including infected machines that were linked to malicious web sites that had not been blocked and reports from internal audits that identified inappropriate access.


Blue Coat's Unified Hybrid Solution offered an effective way for the manufacturer to secure both mobile and campus users as they accessed the web. Using two ProxySG appliances, ProxyAV appliances and Blue Coat’s Cloud Security Service, the manufacturer had the web filtering and malware scanning they needed to keep their employees and company assets safe.


  • Improved performance that virtually eliminated latency tickets and significantly reduced help desk costs
  • Increased employee productivity and overall IT resource utilization
  • Reduction in malware infections
  • Better security through the integration with other security tools, more granular web 2.0 controls and far superior reporting.