Texas Children’s Hospital

Enabling productive Web use, without concerns about inappropriate or malicious Web content. Texas Children’s Hospital is one of the permier pediatric hospital in the U.S. Clinicians, administrative staff and medical equipment at this Houston-based hospital rely on a high-performance, secure Internet connection in countless ways to help deliver quality pediatric care, support clinical research and communicate with other healthcare professionals, patients and their families.


With Internet connectivity essential for electronic medical records, billing systems, diagnostic systems, informatics and many other key healthcare applications, Texas Children’s Hospital must ensure that its 8,000+ workers can use the Web productively, without concerns about inappropriate and malicious Web content.


The hospital deployed Blue Coat’s Secure Web Gateway solution, including ProxySG, ProxyAV, WebFilter and Reporter, to protect employees from inappropriate content and malware.


  • Protected Web access
  • Control over Web 2.0 applications
  • 57% savings on Internet bandwidth needs
  • Savings of one-third on the cost of the Internet link
  • Policy enforcement - to meet security and HR requirements