North-Eastern Pennsylvania Telephone

Caching helps retain customers and improve customer satisfaction. North-Eastern Pennsylvania Telephone (NEP) is a rural, local telecommunications company that has provided a full range of services to its customers for more than 110 years. NEP, like service providers big and small, is coping with the phenomenal growth in Internet usage and the rich Web 2.0 media that consumes massive amounts of bandwidth. They are finding that meeting customers’ insatiable demands for multimedia content during periods of peak activity can be expensive.


Providing the experience its customers want presents particular challenges to NEP. As a rural service provider, it does not enjoy close proximity to Internet peering points, which means upstream Internet access is expensive and often insufficient to meet customers’ growing media consumption and online habits.


NEP worked with Netegrity Consultants to deploy the Blue Coat CacheFlow appliance to manage the dramatic increases in network traffic they were seeing. The CacheFlow appliance delivers scalable caching that enables them to save bandwidth on upstream links to recognize cost savings and accelerate customers’ Web experiences.


  • Bandwidth savings of 40 percent, or more
  • Half the upstream bandwidth requirements
  • Improved user experience and satisfaction
  • Ability to offer premium, higher speed services to customers