Cloud Data Protection for Law Organizations

Legal organizations can trust Blue Coat to protect their client data in the cloud.

Overview: Challenges and Benefits of Law Firm Cloud Computing

Cloud adoption is continuing to rise due to benefits such as flexibility and cost-savings SaaS cloud services offer. However, the legal sector has only recently begun to give cloud services thoughtful consideration. Law firms want to take advantage of public cloud applications, but are concerned about the privacy of client data as well as the risks associated with sector-specific regulations and compliance requirements associated with data residency and transferring data across borders.

Due highly sensitive nature of personal information law firms handle, storing that sensitive legal data in an external cloud environment has been met with extreme caution. There are also sector and country specific legal and regulatory requirements involved with storing personal legal client data in the cloud.

The legal industry has started to examine the different cloud options available and how different they can take advantage of them while addressing cloud data security and compliance.

Cloud Adoption in the Legal Industry

Law firms are becoming more familiar with implementing cloud security to address the sensitivities putting personal legal data in the cloud.

Privacy and regulatory/compliance concerns should not stop law firms from using the cloud to store legal data, the advantages are too powerful. The good news is there are technology solutions that can help control and protect data so legal institutions can enjoy all the benefits the public cloud offers while simultaneously retaining full control of regulated client data. Blue Coat’s Cloud Data Protection Gateway can be used to tokenize or encrypt data before it leaves the firm’s control, so they can adopt cloud applications with confidence that they are maintaining the highest levels of data security and compliance throughout its lifecycle phases of use: in-transit, at-rest and in-use. Only encrypted data or meaningless token substitutes that replace the original sensitive data go to the cloud, keeping protected legal cloud data secure.


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