COCC Financial Technology Solutions

ProxySG and WebFilter act as a crucial first line of defense against web threats. COCC is a client-owned data center that handles processing for banks and credit unions. Security is paramount; keeping their customer’s data safe is a top priority. Web surfing can open a lot of doors to the business that COCC wanted to make sure were secure.


COCC was looking to add web filtering as the first line of defense against malicious Web threats. They were also looking for a solution that would help them optimize and better manage their bandwidth investments.


COCC deployed Blue Coat’s ProxySG and WebFilter to block inappropriate and malicious content. At the same time, they reduced bandwidth consumption and accelerated access to acceptable content.


  • Security that supports compliance requirements
  • Better productivity
  • Reduction in bandwdith demands
  • Accelerated content delivery
  • Visibility into what’s going on in the network