Millward Brown

Global market research and branding company maintains control over recreational and business-critical application traffic. Millward Brown, a leading global market research and branding company, relies on the Internet to conduct market research and stay up to date on the latest news and trends that help inform their strategies and client services. They need to ensure users can quickly and effectively access the Internet, but they don’t want to open themselves up to unnecessary risks.


Millward Brown’s goal is to provide users have high bandwidth all the time, so they can access YouTube, Facebook, Hulu and the other services they need for their job. They don’t know exactly what the users are going to do, so they need to be ready and ensure all the access and systems they need are available, instantly.


Millward Brown uses a combination of Blue Coat ProxySG and PacketShaper appliances to maintain proper control over recreational and business-critical application traffic running across their networks, ensuring that important content and applications get to users quickly and efficiently.


  • Improved Internet experience for users around the globe, with compression and caching
  • Reduction of bandwidth costs - 30-40% in some cases
  • Increased visibility into what users are doing for better bandwidth management
  • Enhanced protection of Web traffic