Nevada Department of Corrections

Nevada’s largest government agency optimizes its WAN and increases response times by as much as 625 percent. The Nevada Department of Corrections (NDOC)is the state’s largest governement agency and one of the fastest growing in the nation, mirroring the population growth of Nevada. Their infrastructure was antiquated; it could take several days for records to transfer between institutions, which could have potential security implications if pertinent data did not accompany inmates when they moved around the system.


The NDOC wanted to optimize the delivery and use of their critical Java-based Nevada Offender Tracking Information System (NOTIS). They were looking for a solution that was centralized, real-time and could help support every facility in the state.


The NDOC chose Blue Coat to better manage their bandwidth consumption and improve the overall performance of their NOTIS application. Upon initial deployment, they saw open times of NOTIS improve from 54 to 8 seconds and transfer process times go down from 30 to 5 minutes.


  • Improved responsiveness and performance - ability to quickly and efficiently process inmates
  • Security of the LAN - sitting between the WAN and LAN to stop attacks
  • Control of Internet access, via eDirectory authentication
  • Complete visibility into the WAN
  • Ability to bring additional services online