Omnicare Clinical Research

Clinical research company reduces application response times. Omnicare Clinical Research conducts drug trials for pharmaceutical companies, whose business counts on their smooth operation. As a result, the availability, performance and security of Omnicare Clinical Research’s infrastructure is critical to their success and the success of their customers.


Everything that Omnicare Clinical Research does has to be in a timely and secure manner. Adding bandwidth to try to support the demands of their geographically dispersed employees and branch offices was simply not having an impact - spreadsheets and documents were taking minutes to open.


Omnicare Clinical Research chose the Blue Coat ProxySG appliances and SG Clients to accelerate the delivery of applications to their branch offices. Post deployment, they saw performance gains of 2000 - 3000%, and employees reported it only took them seconds to open spreadsheets that used to take minutes.


  • Improved application response times
  • Increased employee productivity and satisfaction
  • More efficient operations
  • WAN visibility - type and volume of traffic for better bandwidth management