Accelerating content and scaling digital and Internet TV services to meet unprecedented consumer demand. Hostworks provides digital media services and solutions to clients, including 10 of the 12 major Australian broadcasters and corporate media organizations, and delivers online services to four of the top 10 Australian Web sites. Hostworks has to be ready for anything, as users increasingly move to the digital world with high expectations for the availability and performance of the streaming media, Web and other content they consume.


To meet the changing demands on Internet content delivery, Hostworks was looking for an elegant solution to deliver zero-rated, or unmetered, content to users and improve the performance of Internet, digital TV and other media services to meet unprecedented demand from Australia’s largest broadcasters and Web sites.


Hostworks deployed the ProxySG appliances, with Video Optimized Delivery technology, to scale the delivery of digital content for Australia’s leading broadcasters and Web sites, without requiring additional bandwidth or Web servers. With Blue Coat, Hostworks has improved the performance of existing services, and created new services to help their customers accelerate content and improve availability.


  • Massively scalable Internet and digital TV services
  • Accelerated delivery of consumer content, even in the face of unpredictable demand
  • Improved availability to guarantee smooth content delivery
  • Ability to create new revenue generating services
  • Protection from security threats, phishing and other attacks