Midwestern Telecommunications Company

Midwestern telecommunications company usings visibility, control and caching to enhance customer satisfaction, while saving money. Twin Valley Telephone (TVT), located in Miltonvale, Kansas, is a regional telecommunications company providing telephone, high-speed Internet, and high-definition and digital television to almost 7,000 customers. TVT faced challenges around managing subscriber and traffic growth. The company’s Internet traffic had increased by 80 percent annually for the last three years, largely because of subscribers’ preference for rich Web 2.0 content.


To accommodate subscribers’ insatiable media consumption, TVT was having to purchase more wholesale Internet bandwidth, driving up annual operational costs approximately 40 percent year over year for the last three years.


To control costs, TVT deployed Blue Coat’s Bandwidth Management Solution, containing the CacheFlow and PacketShaper appliances. With Blue Coat, TVT has visibility into what’s runing across their network, so they can optimize and control network traffic to provide a good experience for their customers.


  • Improved Internet performance
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Full visibility of all the network traffic
  • Ability to measure application performance and analyze traffic patterns to plan for growth
  • Lowered costs - righsize future purchases of wholesale bandwidth