ACE Insurance

Japanese insurance company improves performance, visibility and application controls. ACE Insurance is the Japanese subsidiary of the ACE Group, based in Zurich, Switzerland, and is one of the top global players in the casualty insurance industry. ACE Insurance is known for its innovative use of information systems, and ensuring that its infrastructure can support the company’s focus on customer service is a priority.


ACE Insurance needed to improved application performance and response time, so workers could stay productive and continue serving customers’ needs. They also needed to protect employees from the increasingly sophisticated Web threats targeting their organization almost daily.


The technology-forward company uses Blue Coat’s Visibility and Secure Web Gateway solutions, which includes the PacketShaper appliances, WebFilter with the WebPulse service, the ProxySG and ProxyAV appliances, and Reporter, to gain greater visibility and control over applications, and optimize application performance and security. After an extremely successful deployment in Japan, ACE Insurance rolled the Blue Coat solutions out as the standard for the company worldwide.


  • Greater visibility into worker’s application and Internet usage to refine corporate security policies
  • 3X bandwidth gains, due to compression
  • Improved application performance to branch office workers with caching and compression
  • Real-time malware protection for 15,000 employees