Portage Public Schools

Michigan public schools improve Internet access and controls and look to add security with Secure Web Gateway. The Portage Public School district serves 24,000 households in Kalamazoo County, Michigan, and has long been known for its excellence and innovation, with Portage students consistently ranked above state and national averages. The Portage Public School district was the first area district to offer an online education program and the first area district to have wireless LANs in all schools. This is a school district that wants to spend time on educating, not troubleshooting IT systems.


The Portage Public School district was constantly having issues with it’s Web proxy solution. They needed to find a solution that would allow them to enforce tighter Web controls with less hassle, as well as better support the students and teachers who were bringing personal mobile devices to school.


The district chose the Secure Web Gateway solution, including ProxySG appliances, WebFilter with WebPulse, ProxyClient, and Reporter, to achieve better control and perfomance.


  • Bandwidth gains of up to 50% due to content caching
  • Improved Web content and application controls
  • Ability to easily provide differentiated access for different users
  • Visibility into students’ and teachers’ Web usage
  • Compliance with federal regulations and the ability to enforce district Internet usage policies