University of California, Irvine

University optimizes network performance through packet shaping. The University of California, Irvine is known for its top research and graduate programs, commitment to undergraduate education, and a growing number of professional programs. About one-third of the university’s 27,000 students live on campus and they rely on UC Irvine Student Housing for their network services.


It’s the job of Student Housing to make sure residents have plenty of bandwidth and an excellent network experience. We needed to ensure our network had enough capacity to meet the ever-increasing demands of our residents for two to three years.


The Student Housing department has used Blue Coat PacketShaper appliances for more than a decade. With students’ inexorable demand for bandwidth, UC Irvine Student Housing recently upgraded to PacketShaper 12000 appliances.


  • Visibility into applications
  • Ability to control the use of peer-to-peer applications and movie downloads
  • Prioritization of Web, VoIP, research traffic and gaming applications