Brazilian wholesaler accelerates application performance and reduces bandwidth. Makro Atacadista is a popular cash-and-carry wholesaler, with 76 stores across Brazil that offer members, both businesses and individuals, a one-stop shopping experiernce. As application traffic over its wide-area network grew, the 256-Kbps satellite connections to its store locations were maxed out, causing critical business applications to perform poorly. Adding bandwidth would have been too costly and wouldn’t have solved the long-term proble, so they started to rethink the whole working environment.


Makro needed a solution that could accelerate a variety of applications across its MPLS network. They were also looking to add Web security and controls to ensure business-critical applications, such as the customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and finance applications, were prioritized over e-mail and Web surfing.


Makro chose Blue Coat’s WAN Optimiztion solution, including ProxySG appliances, with MACH 5 technology, and Director. With Blue Coat they were able to improve application performance and centralize management,, making it easy to make changes to the network that can accommodate new applications and business objectives.


  • Improved performance of business-critical applications over a satellite-based MPLS network
  • 10 times more available bandwidth, due to WAN optimization
  • Increased insight and control over network traffic
  • 10 times reduction in technical support calls regarding application performance