Nebrija University

Upgrade improves bandwidth management and protects users from malware. Named after the 15th-century humanist, Nebrija University was founded 15 years ago to expand Spanish language and culture and promote understanding between people of many nations, while maintaining the highest quality of scientific investigation and academic instruction.The University wanted to ensure they could offer their students, professors, residents and staff the Internet access they needed to safely support life and instruction on campus, as well as their distance training offerings.


The University’s bandwidth requirements had exponential increased, driven primarily by video downloads and online streaming, and was causing serious problems for network access. Their network infrastructure was permanently running at 90 to 100 percent of capacity, which meant that during periods of heavy usage, it was barely able to cope, resulting in performance degradations and service interruptions.


Nebrija University deployed the Web Security Solution, including the Proxy SG appliances, and WAN optimization solution, with PacketShaper, to improve their bandwidth management, overall network performance and security.


  • Bandwidth improvements
  • Increased control over application use
  • Protection from malware - protecting the personal information of users from phishing, spyware and other malicious threats
  • A better user experience