Financial Services Company

Firm deploys WAN optimization to support expansion, while maintaining application performance. Cash America International, Inc. is a Fort Worth, Texas-based specialty financial services company. CashAmerica’ s formula for growth and beating the competition is built on offering an array of financial services to individuals from a growing number of retail locations. CashAmerica provides video-based training to keep staff at retail locations up-to-date and productive on the growing list of applications and services they offer customers. The CashAmerica network team wanted to find a way to mitigate the delivery impact on the network of the on-demand videos.


The financial institution required a solution that could enable them to expand retail locations and services, while maintaining timely, consistent service delivery in a competitive market.


Since 2004, CashAmerica has relied on PacketShaper to provide visibility and control over network traffic between the data center and the retail locations. They added MACH5 to accelerate application performance over the WAN and from the Internet.


  • Average performance improvements between 78%-83% for internal and SaaS applications
  • Reduction of bandwidth consumption of applications between 50% and 90%
  • Sharp reduction in IT tickets from users at branch offices and internal application administrators
  • Core internal applications protected from non-critical traffic on the WAN
  • Prioritization of important SaaS application traffic
  • Guaranteed bandwidth to ensure performance for branch offices
  • Video training consistently delivered without impacting other applications