National Mobile Operator

Operator prepares for mobile traffic explosion with an incrementally scalable security solution. A national mobile operator was looking to expand the capacity of their mobile network to accommodate exploding traffic growth, improve data speeds, and scale security to protect the traffic. As a way to differentiate their service, they wanted to monitor traffic for known malicious Web sites, protect their network from attacks targeting their internal resources and systems, and prevent the infiltration of malicious traffic to mobile devices.


The operator needed to support the anticipated surge in demand for data services and secure the network from threats, without needing to reduce security when traffic spiked. They hoped to eliminate over billing errors that resulted from malicious exploits that were having a detrimental financial impact.


The operator chose the Blue Coat X-Series Platform to help them prepare for the continued mobile data traffic explosion with an incrementally scalable, cost-effective solution that ensured security was continuously available.


  • Satisfied mobile data users
  • Future scalability to meet performance and security needs
  • Simplified management - single consolidated platform
  • Reduced costs