Motel 6

Hotel chain delivers a secure, high quality, and reliable user experience to customers, travel agencies and other end-users. Motel 6 is synonymous with travel quality and value, with more than 1,100 locations and 105,000 rooms in the U.S. and Canada. Unplanned outages caused by the firewall infrastructure was causing an overall slower experience for customers trying to use their e-commerce site. They needed a security infrastructure that could keep up with the growing number of travelers using their online reservations systems.


Motel 6 was looking for a robust security architecture that could deliver high levels of availability. They needed a security infrastructure that could support best-of-breed applications to effectively secure the business, deliver reliability and resiliencey to meet increased uptime requirements, and provide scalability to grow and support additional applications in the future.


Motel 6 deployed the X-Series because of its ability to scale, improve uptime and support multiple vendor applications on a single platform. The platform has the capacity to support the increasing number of HTTP/HTTPs traffic to address the needs of customers, individual travelers, agents and other end-users.


  • Higher levels of uptime
  • High quality and consistent end-user experience
  • Simplified operations - minimize number of individual tapped inline solutions