Financial Institution

Web Application Reverse Proxy keeps consumers productive and the bank secure. A large financial institution, with $90 billion in annual revenues, needed to roll out enhanced mobile banking capabilities to enable customers to access their accounts and conduct transactions, whenever and wherever they want. Allowing customers to upload images of checks for deposit and other mobile services can open the institution up to significant risks if the right security mechanisms are not in place.


The financial institution required a solution that could enable them to quickly and easily roll out new and improved Web and mobile applications, without impacting their overall performance or security.


The financial institution chose the ProxySG for its ability to scale to handle the variable load of a large institution and provide advanced security capabilities. The ProxySG appliances delivered proxy forwarding functionality, AV and malware protection, content and URL inspection, broad authentication support, policy-based inspection, and application access control that can effectively protect the connectivity between the customer and the institution.


  • Improved Web services performance - achieving approximately a 50% improvement
  • Increased security
  • New revenue opportunities associated with new services
  • Lower cost of operations
  • Regulatory compliance support