Healthcare Organization

Helping doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals access the information they need to deliver optimal patient care. A large healthcare organization was rolling out a service that would enable them to accept X-rays and other health-related information from remote, potentially mobile devices. This capability would improve treatment preparedness for patients en route, enable doctors in the field to consult with colleagues in other locations, as well as support diagnoses for patients in remote locales, with no local medical professionals. The organization needed to ensure the files uploaded were safe and didn’t infect the network or impact its overall performance.


The organization was looking for a solution that offered a satisfactory user experience, enabling them to quickly and easily receive large files (such as X-rays), without impacting other services or opening them up to unnecessary risks. They needed a solution that could support SSL inspection and termination to ensure analysis of all traffic, without degrading the perfromance of the network.


The healthcare organization chose the Blue Coat ProxySG to support the secure roll out of their new mobile upload capabilities. With Blue Coat, not only did they increase the security of their connectivity, but also improved their web performance and application availability by approximately 50%.


  • Enhanced services
  • Improved patient care
  • Regulatory support
  • Stronger security - AV, authentication, application access control, fast SSL termination and re-encyrption, and more
  • Lower cost of operations