Leading managed security service provider offers customers the best of network- and premise-based solutions. Telefónica Empresas is one of the leading telecommunications companies working withorganizations of all sizes, operating in Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking markets. They recognized the tremendous business opportunity that managed security services represented, but were not sure how to delver a compelling service from a cost, management, and security perspective.


Telefónica Empresas was looking to build a service offering that intelligently scaled with demand, without adding complexity to the network. They wanted to provide a solution that delivered the performance and on-site security of customer premise-based solutions, as well as the cost and centralized management benefits of network-based offerings.


Telefónica Empresas chose the X-Series security services platforms to help them offer a robust set of security services to customers, such as firewalling and VLANs. All of the security services can be monitored and managed from its central security operations center (SOC) to ensure customer networks are secured and services are delivered with the performance and quality they expect.


  • Ability to offer managed security services that appeal to customers
  • High performance
  • Management control
  • Depth of security