NYSE Euronext

Addressing business and data security requirements worldwide. NYSE Euronext, one of the oldest financial institutions within the U.S., has seven equity platforms that make up their global organization. NYSE Euronext has more than 4500 companies listed with them on their New York floor, who have a combined presence in over 45 countries and a worth, in terms of capitalization, of $23 trillion. This makes them a target, so they are focused on ensuring their systems and infrastructure can meet the challenge.


Security is a partner to the business, ensuring that everything the NYSE Euronext does meets both the business and security requirements, worldwide. Their focus is on protecting their data and those assets that are consuming or processing their data. Some of those assets may be devices NYSE Euronext doesn’t own or have any control over.


Blue Coat has worked with NYSE Euronext to help them ensure security lives at all layers of the stack (device, OS, application). Blue Coat has listened to them when there have been issues and recommended enhancements to help them meet their security requirements.


  • Enhanced security
  • Data protection
  • Compliance support