Design powerhouse uses Business Assurance Technology to securely monitor trends and connect with customers online. Going where your customers are and catering to their communication preferences is good for business. For Cantoni, a leading design consultancy with modern furniture showrooms across the country, this means being on social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, clicking the wrong link or downloading the wrong document can lead to an infection that can bring business to a halt.


While social networking was instrumental to the way Cantoni conducts business, it was introducing malware into the network that was impacting their designers’ ability to do their jobs.


Cantoni deployed Security and Policy Enforcement Center and Trusted Application Center solutions to gain visibility into their network and empower designers to use social media without the threat of malware infections.


  • Protected online access to support business activity
  • Reduction of costly malware incidents
  • More efficient operations
  • Visibility into what’s going on in the network
  • Robust reporting