Hsin Yeong An

Taiwanese cable TV operator deploys network caching to boost network performance up to 40% for Web 2.0 applications and streaming media. Hsin Yeong An (HYA) Cable TV provides viewership on cable TV, digital TV, and broadband Internet to 15 districts in southern Taiwan. In the age of proliferating multimedia content, HYA faced the dilemma of maintaining service quality with existing bandwidth, while supporting the exponential growth of data transfers from the Internet.



HYA needed to support increases in network traffic from Web applications that consume large amounts of bandwidth and provide a quality connectivity experience that met the demands of subscribers. They also needed to balance operational costs against purchasing more wholesale Internet bandwidth.


HYA chose the Blue Coat CacheFlow CF5000-MX for its superior caching capabilities, which can identify content types being transferred and cache content according to relevant categories. With a single solution, HYA was able to address the demands for the wide variety of traffic their consumers demanded, without having to buy more bandwidth or deploy an overly complex system.


  • Bandwidth savings up to 40-50%
  • High quality network connections
  • Improved satisfaction among subscribers
  • Simplified management
  • Operational costs savings