Meeting regulatory requirements and empowering users to do more with Business Assurance Technology. Jefferies, the largest independent investment bank in the United States, with offices in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia, has been using security to empower their business. Through the innovative use of technology, they have been able to roll out new services and increase productivity, while addressing ever stringent regulatory compliance requirements.


Jefferies needs to meet the ever-increasing compliance requirements for their business and strengthen security, without disrupting employees or clients. They were looking for sophisticated data protection, increased visibility into encrypted traffic, better bandwidth management and more.


Using Blue Coat Business Assurance Technology, Jefferies has been able to meet increasingly complex compliance requirements, strengthen cyber security, offer new internal technology services, improve enforcement of corporate policies, and give its IT staff something they never expected from a security solution: peace of mind.


  • Simplified compliance
  • Better protection at a lower cost
  • Better security and policy enforcement
  • Lower risk and higher productivity