Net One Systems

Network visibilty and management enabled ICT provider to avoid escalating bandwidth costs. Net One Systems Co., Ltd. aims to be the best information and communications technology (ICT) partner for its customers in Japan. By combining new products and technologies and accumulating know-how through the delivery of innovations in their own workplace, Net One Systems is able to provide optimal solutions to their customers. For example, their experience deploying a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and adopting mobile workforce initiatives has helped customers create their own unique work environment and styles.


When Net One Systems moved its headquarers to the center of Tokyo and its back office functions to Tennoz they made sure they had the unified communications and collaboration applications in place to support the business. The move helped them streamline operations and improve overall communications, but it also meant escalating network bandwidth costs.


By deploying the Blue Coat PacketShaper, Net One Systems was able to re-use their existing bandwidth more efficiently and avoid increased bandwidth usage and costs. Blue Coat PacketShaper can also be used for other diverse purposes, monitoring any changes to network settings to ensure traffic control is being correctly executed and identifying the root cause of large bursts of traffic and suppressing them to optimize performance.


  • Successfully completed the relocation of the head office and back office
  • Visualized the optimal combination of systems to reduce relocation risks
  • Optimized the use of network bandwidth required for VDI
  • Control over the network in a highly efficient and targeted manner