MacKenzie University

University uses Secure Web Gateway to enable students to safely connect to the network. Mackenzie University is a philanthropic, educational institution that seeks to serve the common good of Brazil and the Brazilian people. In its 144th year, Mackenzie provides a differentiated educational experience for approximately 45,000 students across five locations. They were looking for innovative network security solutions that could help them securely support the needs of their users as they connected anytime, anywhere on their large campus environment.


The University wanted to provide a great experience for their users, who were increasingly connecting to the wireless network with multiple devices at any given time.


Mackenzie University chose the ProxySG to enable any student or faculty’s device to safely and quickly connect to the Internet. Upon deployment they saw up to a 9 times improvement in network speed.


  • Improved network speed - up to 9 times
  • High network availability, without risk, in classrooms, academic and office environments
  • Zero Data Center interruptions to operations over the past three years
  • Support of ongoing mobility initiatives