Grupo Lala

Dairy product distribution brand improves customer response by up to 12X. The ability to innovate and deliver high-value products has made Grupo Lala a leader in the commercialization and distribution of dairy products throughout Mexico and Latin America. To continue to differentiate themselves, Grupo Lala needs to ensure their employees can be responsive and complete their jobs in a timely manner. They rely on an infrastructure that can quickly and cost-effectively deliver their business critical applications and handle the large volume of data that traverses their expansive network. Any delays can impact their overall business planning, processing and fulfillment capabilities.


The Grupo Lala network was often saturated, causing frustration among employees who found they could not provide on-time responses for the most basic of business functions. They needed to accelerate the delivery of their business applications, without having to make any large investments.


Grupo Lala chose Blue Coat’s proxy server, acceleration, and network optimization solutions to help them address their performance and capacity needs. With Blue Coat, they have seen response times improve 10-12 times for their applications and have increased visibility into who and what is on the network, so they can better manage their bandwidth.


  • Expanded enterprise capacity
  • Improved network performance
  • Traffic prioritization to ensure the delivery of business critical apps
  • Reduction in TCO
  • Greater return on future investments