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Cloud-Ready Partners


The Cloud Ready Partner Program creates an open framework to allow a select set of security vendors and SaaS companies to deeply integrate and certify their services and cloud applications directly into the Blue Coat Cloud Service. This level of integration allows our customers to make the transition to the cloud while maintaining critical visibility and control between users and applications.


Blue Coat Mobile Device Security Service (MDS) and AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) provide interoperability with the Blue Coat Cloud. Provides transparent deployment of Blue Coat Cloud services for AirWatch managed devices.

Alien Vault is passionate about helping organizations of all shapes and sizes achieve world-class security without the headaches and huge expense of other SIEM solutions.  Alien Vault is Cloud Ready Certified to work with the Blue Coat Web Security Service to automatically download the cloud logs into USM.

Protect corporate assets stored in Box, Detect and remediate risks in minutes, including those related to personally identifiable information (PII), payment card information (PCI), Protected Health Information (LHI) Source Code, Financial or other sensitive types of data.

Blue Coat and Certify leverage the SAML 2.0 standard for single sign on to the Web Security Service and cloud applications. Provides a single sign on login to corporate resources, including mobile devices, MACs or cloud apps like Office 365, and WebEx.

Protect sensitive customer information and documents stored in your Dropbox account from data loss due to accidental or malicious use by employees or account takeovers by hackers. Identify and remediate compliance risks, such as Payment Card Information (PCI), Personally Identifiable Information (PII), financial and other types of data.

Exabeam is a security intelligence solution that can leverage existing log data such as the Blue Coat Web Security Service, to quickly detect modern cyber attacks, prioritize security incidents, and accelerate effective response. As a result, Exabeam not only improves security, but also transforms SOC efficiency and productivity.

Integration coming soon

By analyzing large volumes of Blue Coat web proxy logs, network data, user activity and device behaviors; E8 Security’s signature-less platform detects threats that bypass other controls. E8 Security’s platform applies multi-dimensional models to the data to discover behaviors that are different from the “normal behavior pattern” and pinpoint malicious activity within the network.

Integration coming soon

Fortscale fights insider threats with automated, self-tuning behavior analytics, leveraging the powerful Blue Coat Security portfolio. Fortscale will enrich existing user behavior analysis by tapping into shared libraries of access and authentication logs from Blue Coat, analyzing user behaviors on the fly for stealthy insider threats.

Integration coming soon

Blue Coat CDP customers can use SafeNet encryption and key management to protect data in a cloud application. The Perspecsys AppProtex Gateway allows organizations to use encryption modules from their preferred encryption providers as the means of encrypting sensitive data with the gateway.

Customers using Elastica CASB solution can utilize the Arcsight Agent to deliver logs (in CEF format) from the Investigate and Detect apps directly into Arcsight. Login to the Elastica CloudSOC, navigate to Settings and click on the SIEM Agent tab to download the agent.

Video: Blue Coat Security Analytics HP ArcSight Integration

Splunk Apps available for ProxySG, Malware Analysis and Security Analytics. Provides a clear dashboard allowing rapid investigation for advanced persistent threats.

Customers using Elastica CASB solution can utilize the Splunk Agent to deliver logs from the Investigate and Detect apps directly into Splunk. Login to the Elastica CloudSOC, navigate to Settings and click on the SIEM Agent tab to download the agent. en

Video: Blue Coat Security Analytics-Splunk-Integration

Splunk Apps

ProxySG can send traffic directly to Symantec DLP via ICAP, allowing customers to easily take advantage of the customers on-premise DLP solution. The CASB solution also has The SSLV Appliance has also been certified to work with Symantec DLP.

Integration coming soon