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 Cloud Data Protection

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It has never been more important to protect and secure the data you store or access in the cloud. Cloud has arrived in enterprise, introducing a series of new security and compliance challenges for IT and Security professionals like you to grapple with as your network evolves. Ensuring cloud data protection and security has never been more vital to businesses across a wide spectrum of industries.

Corporate policies and government/sector-based compliance regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, CJIS and ITAR place restrictions on how sensitive data is managed in cloud environments. Cloud compliance and cloud data privacy issues, along with regulations that govern the physical location of sensitive data (known as cloud data residency regulations) often determine the degree to which you can truly realise the power of cloud computing. One of Symantec’s core missions is to equip you to transform your business with cloud computing, while ensuring full compliance and data protection.

Cloud Data Protection and Security Solutions from Symantec

Symantec Cloud Data Protection is a key part of the Symantec CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) range of products, which are focused on cloud data security and compliance. These integrate directly with Symantec Blue Coat ProxySG, enabling you to encrypt or tokenise information that you do not want exposed in public cloud SaaS applications such as ServiceNow, Salesforce and Oracle. Using patented technology, the product intercepts sensitive data while it remains on-site, and replaces it with a random token or encrypted value, rendering it meaningless should anyone outside the company access the data while it is being processed or stored in the cloud. Cloud end-users maintain application functionality, such as the ability to search and sort data, send emails and generate reports, while the enterprise ensures its data is secure, completely in their control and compliant. 

How cloud data protection and security works with Blue Coat's comprehensive solution

How Symantec’s Cloud Data Protection Service Works to Secure the Cloud

Cloud Data Security capabilities include:

  • Data protection Protect data using the strongest cloud data tokenisation and encryption techniques available. Maintaining full ownership of token vault and/or encryption keys; data is secured throughout its entire lifecycle (in-transit, at-rest and in-use).

  • Full SaaS capability Gives you the ability to preserve SaaS application functionality in multiple clouds when processing tokenised/encrypted data without the need for proprietary cloud data encryption or tokenisation schemes.

  • Simplicity Simple point-and-click cloud data protection policy administration; define a policy once and propagate across multiple enterprise clouds. 

  • Flexible deployment options Hybrid architecture that gives you the flexibility to deploy in multiple models, including hosted and cloud managed service approaches, which minimise the need for upfront capital expenditure.

  • Enterprise class Integrated with ProxySG, Symantec Cloud Data Protection provides high availability, enterprise-level scalability and performance.

  • Broad coverage  Support for leading cloud applications from Salesforce, Oracle and ServiceNow; ability to configure support for other SaaS cloud applications via Symantec’s Cloud Data Protection Policy Builder application.

Secure and protect cloud data while retaining complete access

By removing the security issues and operational risks associated with placing sensitive data in the cloud, the Blue Coat Security Platform delivers Cloud Data Protection, acting as a cloud data encryption and tokenisation gateway, making the public cloud completely private. When combined with Blue Coat Visibility and Intelligence, Cloud DLP and other Symantec CASB solutions, it forms part of the industry’s only complete solution for controlling and securing enterprise cloud data. 

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