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Encrypted Traffic Management

Gain Complete Visibility and Control over Encrypted Traffic. Encryption does a great deal to protect the privacy and integrity of communications, but it can also have a dark side. The majority of today's cyber threats hide in encrypted communications, which can range from 30% up to 70% of an organisation’s traffic. We need precise solutions that can preserve all the good encryption does, while shining a light on the attacks it may be harbouring.

The Blue Coat Security Platform delivers Encrypted Traffic Management solutions that give you comprehensive, policy-based visibility and control over your encrypted traffic, so you can maximise its benefits and minimise its risks. With Blue Coat, you can establish a holistic encrypted traffic management strategy that meets your various business needs and addresses your security, corporate and compliance mandates.

  • Visibility and Control Eliminates the blind spots created by secure socket layer (SSL) and transport layer security (TLS) traffic, giving you complete visibility into the encrypted applications coming in and out of your infrastructure. Enables you to easily add policy-based inspection and management capabilities to your security architecture to provide a holistic view of your traffic.
  • Enhances Your Existing Security Enhances the effectiveness of your existing security infrastructure, sharing decrypted traffic with your existing data loss protection (DLP) solutions, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), next generation firewalls (NGFW), sandboxes, forensics tools, etc., to improve your ability to identify malware and data-exfiltration within your organisation. Assure high-security encryption to maintain the strength of your security posture, while reducing your overall risks.
  • Performance and Cost Savings Offloads SSL/TLS/HTTPs processing from your existing security infrastructure, helping you cost-effectively scale your security by avoiding the typical hardware capacity upgrade costs required by most solutions before they can handle encrypted traffic. Blue Coat provides a single solution capable of quickly decrypting and re-encrypting both inbound and outbound traffic, to meet the performance and scalability requirements of your most demanding environments.
  • Compliance Selectively decrypts traffic, based on policies, to maintain the privacy of legitimate communications and to adhere to relevant regulations that protect certain types/classes of data. Ensure the consistent application of policies across all your traffic to support industry-specific compliance efforts (financial, healthcare, government) and local requirements.

Encrypted Traffic Management Components

Blue Coat’s Encrypted Traffic Management solutions can be delivered a few different ways with the Blue Coat Security Platform:

  • The SSL Visibility Appliance Gives you ‘x-ray’ vision into all your encrypted traffic and lets you easily add SSL/TLS decryption and inspection capabilities to your existing network security solutions, as well as your advanced threat protection solutions. This appliance uses Blue Coat’s unrivalled Global Intelligence Network for up-to-date threat knowledge and traffic categorisation to enable comprehensive policy enforcement.
  • The ProxySG Appliance Provides selective decryption, inspection and orchestration of SSL and HTTPS web traffic, based on established policies. The market-leading secure web gateway (SWG) can decrypt traffic and share it with your Anti-Virus (AV) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions for threat analysis. The Encrypted TAP option also provides SSL decrypted traffic to third-party monitoring and logging systems for further analysis, archiving and network forensics. Similar to the SSL Visibility Appliance as well as all of Blue Coat’s products, the ProxySG utilizes the incomparable Global Intelligence Network for up-to-date threat knowledge and traffic categorisation to enable comprehensive policy enforcement.

The Encrypted Traffic Management (ETM)–Ready Partner Program

Blue Coat works with a broad ecosystem of partners, through Blue Coat’s Encrypted Traffic Management (ETM) Ready Partner Program, to offer comprehensive solutions capable of meeting the unique needs of enterprises, both large and small. The innovative solutions compatible with Blue Coat include IPS, DLP, NGFW, anti-malware / sandbox, security analytics and certificate and key management systems. To learn more, please go to theETM-Ready Partner Program page.