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Network Performance & Optimization

Network Performance and OptimisationWhether moving to cloud-based applications such as Office 365 and, or BYOD and social media, today’s businesses are faced with an insatiable appetite for network and application performance. However, how do you achieve great network performance and user experience in a secure and productive network environment while keeping your operating and bandwidth costs under control?

Businesses are turning to Blue Coat Performance solutions to gain visibility into applications and performance, to manage network usage, to decide how best to allocate bandwidth and to optimise performance via caching.

Our customers are using Network Performance technologies to:

  • Optimise performance and user experience of cloud applications Cloud-based computing, providing great flexibility and high efficiency. By identifying, prioritising and accelerating cloud application traffic on the network, Performance technologies can help you boost application performance and improve user experience. 
  • Understand bandwidth usage Performance solutions provide you with visibility into network efficiency and network bandwidth use, so you can make informed decisions on how to allocate and/or purchase bandwidth in this application-driven era.
  • Control performance based on business priorities Apps use a huge amount of your network bandwidth, but they are not always used for business purposes. With Performance solutions, you can slow down recreational apps during business hours, and speed up business apps such as SAP, and VoIP or videoconferencing.
  • Optimise performance without increasing bandwidth costs Buying more bandwidth is not necessarily the best way to speed up your apps. With Performance solutions, you can take advantage of caching, stream-splitting and other technologies to boost the performance of media-rich apps, while saving money on bandwidth cost.


Product Brand: CachePulse - Optimizing Network Performance

Every day, Blue Coat CacheFlow appliances handle more than 2,000,000 gigs of web traffic, enabling companies to prioritize traffic without adding bandwidth. Get all the details from this animated info graphic.