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Platform Services

With the rapid proliferation of cloud services and the growing sophistication of the attack landscape, organisations are facing significant challenges in terms of how they need to adapt and manage their security operations. The Blue Coat Security Platform is uniquely positioned to secure organisations, across six advanced solution areas. We provide a range of platform services, which work equally well across on-site and in cloud-managed environments:

In order to successfully navigate these six solution areas, the Blue Coat Security Platform delivers a set of shared platform services, to deliver cohesive visibility, integration and protection. 

Management and Reporting

One of the most critical factors in delivering effective security is the ability to understand what is happening, and to easily manage the environment to achieve a desired outcome. The Blue Coat Security Platform provides a management environment that gives operational teams the ability to manage and enforce policy in a single place across the platform, whether on-site, in-the-cloud, or as a hybrid for simpler policy establishment. Furthermore, as organisations look towards empowering decision-making, advanced reporting and visibility are critical aspects of their infrastructure to inform decision making. The Blue Coat Security Platform delivers a reporting environment that provides security teams with a cohesive and clear understanding of their current security posture.

Intelligence Services

Protection is a real-time effort, requiring integrated intelligence to enable the organisation to constantly adapt in the face of rapidly advancing adversaries. Intelligence capabilities must be shared and must inform across solution areas to ensure continual improvement of posture. This must occur in three key areas:

  • Real-time threat intelligence, to deliver live awareness of global threats as they unfold
  • Organisational context, to provide insights into how a threat may affect an organisation
  • Cloud application intelligence, to ensure awareness of existing and new cloud applications, so potential risks can be understood.

Blue Coat’s Global Intelligence Network is a cloud-based service that collects, categorizes and analyses over one billion previously unseen and uncategorised websites per day, from our 15,000 enterprise customers and their millions of users who access the Internet daily. The network effect of having over 70% of the Fortune Global 500 as customers provides us with valuable data to feed our analytics engines. The Global Intelligence Network enables organisations to adaptively protect their resources, by delivering a unique set of Intelligence Services, and thus providing real-time and actionable insight into global threats, new/existing cloud applications and associated cloud application risks. These services are delivered across the Blue Coat solution family, to ensure live protection and control over advanced threats and cloud application usage within an organisation.